Application: Scientific instrumentation


Many types of scientific instruments perform measurements on samples in a vacuum atmosphere. Process con­trol instruments, like the metrology tools employed by the semiconductor and flat panel display (FPD) manu­facturing industry, often require that external contamination be minimized.

For both these applications, we make high performance rotary motion feedthroughs that deliver the ultimate in long duty cycle seal performance for both vacuum and pressure applications.

Rotating anode X-ray tube

Rotating anode X-ray generators

Engineering and manufacturing advanced X-ray generators is a core competency at Rotary Vacuum Products. To meet the various current and future needs of chemistry and structural biology, we offer a range of generators, from a compact second generation microfocus sealed tube system to the brightest microfocus rotating anode generator available today. Rigaku generators, incorporating advanced rotary feedthrough technology, have a long-established reputation for outstanding reliability and performance.

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